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DFW Writers' Workshop

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Welcome to the DFW Writers' Workshop! Our motto is "Study. Write. Critique." Our goal is to promote the art and craft of writing. We help writers improve their work so they can find an agent and get published.

The Workshop is in its 30th year, and in that time our members have compiled a tally of 263 traditionally published books.

We offer a friendly and supportive environment for experienced and beginner writers in all genres and types of writing. Come visit us any Wednesday night at 7 pm. We meet at the Ruth Millican Community Center, 201 Cullum Drive, Euless, Texas 76040. The meetings begin promptly at 7:00pm and never go past 10:00pm.

At every meeting we do read and critique. Published and unpublished members sit side by side to help each other improve their craft. Here's how it works. Members sign up to read before the meeting. Each member gets a maximum of 20 minutes. The member can read up to 15 minutes, and the remaining time is used by the other members to critique the work. The reader may not answer or debate, but is required to listen and take notes (though discussion can take place after the meeting).

Guests are welcome to listen to the read and critique sessions, but only members are allowed to offer criticism.

The Workshop embraces diversity of thought. It does not censor reads or protect its members and visitors from the ideas and imaginings of others. So be aware that you might hear some potentially offensive things if you listen to reads at one of our meetings.

Critique can be brutal. We don't pull punches, we are honest about what we think of the writing. But the process really does make members' writing better, and our group's history is full of success stories.